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Looking for Bath Toys for Toddlers? Here are Helpful Tips

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As parents, you might even have fond memories of having fun with toys in the bath as a child. Bath time is distinct, as it’s a time for tidiness but also for enjoyable and laughter. It’s even an important time for bonding in between parents and young children. It’s particularly an enjoyable activity for working moms and dads, who might invest all the time at work and desire some bonding time with their kids at the end of the day. Bath time is implied to be an enjoyable experience to end a young child’s day, which is why you should provide them with some amazing, safe bath toys for toddlers Australia has to offer.

There’s no reason that bath time with your young child should be a task. It ought to be an enjoyable experience filled with laughter, play, and the periodic splashing (if mother and father state it’s fine).

As parents, it’s so crucial to bond with your kids, particularly at young ages, and bath time is an ideal chance to do so. Since there are one-to-one interaction and an absence of interruptions–leave the phone and tablet in the other space–so you can concentrate on your kid and he or she will do the same.

Here are three ideas for picking the best bath toys for your kids:

1. Fits your kids’ interests: While bath time might be thought about enjoyable for both grownups and kids, there are others who choose a more relaxed time at the swimming pool or restroom. Some kids will take pleasure in a stylish exercise like water polo or Frisbee. Others also have fun with interactive toys where kids can pretend to have a match and get innovative in making the video game more amazing. It can be found in various design and colors which your kids can pick from. For ordinary days, you can simply purchase bath toys for toddlers Australia has today.

2. Interactive, instructional, and enjoyable: When searching for the best bath toys for toddlers Australia offers, there are countless items to pick from. Do not just select toys which appropriate for the water; select those instructional and interactive toys. You might select vibrant items to help your 1-year-old start determine shapes and colours. Find toys that are elaborately created to assist in learning, interaction, and engagement for any ages, any place you might be. Due to the fact that young children like to pretend they’re piloting or managing cars, the wooden boats and submarines are some of the most popular Australia bath toys for toddlers. You can even include some creative and funny things to the bath to make your young children laugh. There are numerous bath toys for toddlers in Australia that your young children will like!

3. Safe and age appropriate: Despite the number of toys offered today, you need to pick items that are safe and fit to your kid’s age. Discover items made of quality products and exclude little parts that might choke children. It is constantly best to purchase from reliable brand names and sellers like Rainbow Fun. Prevent the inexpensive, undependable ones made from hazardous products. Look for toys safe for kids of any ages from qualified shops who offer genuine products.

There’s absolutely nothing like bath time for young kids. You can utilize this time to teach your young children brand-new things. You can have fun with them, teach them about their toys (exactly what does a submarine do?), or deal with activities such as the alphabet or counting to 10.

Bath time offers a few interruptions, making it the best time to engage and assist your kid to establish brand-new abilities. Let them have some enjoyable with their bath toys. You can buy bath toys for toddlers Australia stores offer by visiting today.

Tips to finding a reliable copier repairs service


There couldn’t be a worse timing for a breakdown in your Xerox photocopier than the time when your copier is out of warranty, out of contract, and you don’t have an out-of-care pack as well. It can be very frustrating. Not only will you be straining but also the productivity of your business will be hampered. It’s during such times that you will need services of reliable professionals who offer services of Xerox copier repairs.  The technicians can provide repair solutions to return your copier to normality despite being of any brand.

Original manufacturer parts

A service provider that uses original parts to fix and replace the damaged parts of your machine while doing Xerox copier repairs is a reliable one. This is because you will be sure that your machine will be in good working condition for a long time and will not suffer from multiple breakdowns. They also need to be sufficiently trained and factory certified. There are many service providers in the market who deal in specific brands and taking the time to find out who is genuine and who is not is what will make you know the difference. Gom

Cost comparison

Sometimes comparing the services of technicians who offer services of Xerox copier repairs across the board can help you save a lot on your repairs. This is because you may find a service provider that offers affordable price yet still guarantees quality service. After you have identified the one that offers the best value for your service repair needs, you can proceed to make a service order.


As you hire, it’s good to negotiate the terms and services. Negotiate the maintenance contracts more specifically so that you can be assured of excellent servicing in the long term. Also, they will have to assure you that once your copier is out of service they will be within reach to offer their services with a guarantee. You will be in particularly safer hands if the firm is one that is specialized in Xerox photocopier repairs. Additionally, you will be assured that they will be working with original equipment manufacturer parts that will ensure longevity of your machines.


You do not want an amateur working for you. This is because not only will they take so long before they identify the problem, but also they might not accomplish the task with the level of professionalism that is required. Therefore, before you hire a firm that offers services of Xerox photocopier repairs Sydney wide, check whether they have been in the market for quite a while. Being in business for some time means that their clients trust them, and that’s why they keep seeking their services.

If you have a Xerox copier in need of a repair, and you need a peace of mind, make sure that the service provider you seek is a professional and one that is specialized in Xerox copiers. Discuss your maintenance contracts, including the consumable and non-consumable parts in advance so that your budgeting can be streamlined.

What to Look For in a Printer and Copier Repair Service Provider

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Choosing the right printer repairs and copier repairs service provider is always an imperative to ensure smooth running of business operations. But how can you choose from a market full of players offering repair services? Remember that not all companies are the same. Thus, there are certain qualities that you need to look out for when it comes to meeting your repair needs.

There are key traits in the printer and copier industry that will certainly give you confidence when choosing a reliable service provider. If you don’t have any ideas on the best printer repairs Sydney, you might be forced to invest in a new printer or copier at an exorbitant price – even when you could have easily restored your machine to full function at a fraction of the new cost.

If you are contemplating to scale down your business’s operational costs, then this is certainly not the right time to invest on new machine acquisitions. Rather, you should think about optimizing the use of your current resources through professional and reliable photocopier repairs Sydney and printer repair service Sydney.

There are obvious factors that you should look into when choosing the most reliable repair service provider. You should check out the repair company’s reliability, reputation, response time, service guarantee, quality of service, and cost-effectiveness.

Prompt Services

The printer is an integral part of any business operation. The last thing you would want is waiting several days for your printer to be repaired. Thus, the best repair service for your needs is one that guarantees you a same-day service.

Some printer repair companies even guarantee a four-hour response time for requests. The more prompter the response times, the better for your business. This also means that you do not have to grapple with workflow interruptions in your business.

Experience in the Market

With lots of repair companies in the market, you are better off with a trusted printer repair service provider that has a considerable experience in the market. Does the printer repair company have a particular experience, for example, in handling specific printer or copier models? If they have, the better it is for your business.

When inquiring about repair services, ask about a company’s experience in the industry. Ask for referrals, as well as experience with office machine models that you have. Do they have particular partnerships or preferred relationships with the printer or copier manufacturers? These relationships are typically a mark of service quality.


Professionalism and dependability are things that you should really look out for in your printer repairs or copier repairs partner. You can judge the company’s professionalism right from their first response to your inquiries. It is also important that they understand the kind of problems you are grappling with, offering you workable solutions within a specified timeframe.


Cost is an important consideration when looking for the best printer repairs Sydney services. Put in place your budget limits when it comes to printer repairs, as well as look for a quality and professional service provider that can work within those limits. Check out now.

Child Development Know-how: Top Reasons Why Educational Toys are Urged for Children

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Learning needs to be fun, and a youngster’s play needs to be imaginative. Not simply the web, the information, and medical professionals are stating so, however, likewise, the makers of the leading youngsters plaything brands are saying so with their host of developmental and instructional plaything launches out there. Gifts for kids should be chosen with considerations for early brain growth. One can also buy Playmobil toys online as these are readily available on numerous websites nowadays.

playmobil toys

What are educational toys?

When you get enlightened via toys, after that they are described as instructional toys. The idea is as easy as that, and carried out with both simplicities, as well as creative approach. Toys could be made in lots of means, as well as there could be many various sorts of playthings for the various age of children While some toys are not gendered particular, some are once more usually for the kids or women. This provides a lot of options of playthings that people buy. When you buy Playmobil toys, you are overwhelmed with numerous selections.

Top reasons to get remarkable toys that promote learning in youngsters:

· Each plaything is based for a specific age keeping in focus exactly how the youngster having fun with the toy will be profiting with raising satisfaction of playfulness as well as discovering while getting a boost in the mental development.

· When you are gifting, you say goodbye to have to fumble for gifting ideas. There could be nothing healthier than choosing from a series of academic knowing toys, for example, from Playmobil toys online

· Kids could be offered wings of creativity with toys, which let them believe, imagine, and also produce some artwork, design, and so on. And such playthings are currently within the reach of the common man through brands like Playmobil toys in Australia. See more here Toys2learn

The effect of playthings on youngsters’ brain advancement

If you select the appropriate toy for the child, this will certainly buy them special eyes to see, think of, view and develop points. Creative playing is of foremost value as you pick the toys. The main idea is to promote development and growth in the kids as they learn something much more enjoyably while they think that they are simply playing something.

Selection of toys online

As a matter of fact, choice of playthings on the internet as you acquire Australian Playmobil toys, for example, is rather straightforward as you can choose playthings based on the age of the youngster. This assists one to select the very best plaything for their children or even saves time. Gifting your child or a good friend’s youngster is easiest currently with on the internet toy shops supplying a wide variety of toys from various plaything makers.


If you are looking to find gifts for your beloved little ones – be it your kids, grandkids, cousins, or your friend’s child – always opt for toys with educational value. Looking to shop for educational baby or toddler toys online? Among the many choices of online shops to buy the best Playmobil toys, you can start by visiting to browse a wider variety of options.

Choosing a Shed Design? Take Note of These 5 Factors


Before you call a professional shed builder, it’s important that you get a clear picture of the type and design of shed you want them to build. To help you narrow down your options and come up with the best possible decision, there are several considerations you need to make.

shed builder

Yes, it would be much easier to check out hardware stores and look at different ready-made sheds. But if you’re looking for something unique and tailor-made, you should have a custom-made garden shed or garage in your property.

These are the five factors that can affect the design of your shed.

  1. Building codes

There are states that require homeowners to apply for a permit to build a shed on their property, depending on zoning, overlays, and neighbourhood plans. It’s best to contact your local council to know whether you need to get an approval for a shed or garage before you contact a shed builder. Click here Townsville Sheds and Garages

In Brisbane, a shed can be considered an accepted development if it is located in the dwelling house character overlay and if it is in a low-density residential zone. This means that you will not be required to submit an approval. However, you will still need to meet certain criteria specified in the building codes.

If a permit is required in your state, you must secure one first before you start building because this will help you determine an acceptable design. By doing so, you can avoid being fined or ordered to remove your shed.

  1. Shed materials

Depending on which state you are located, there may be requirements on the materials that may or may not be used on sheds.

There are different materials that a shed builder can use in a garden shed, garage, or carport. These include metal, wood, resin, and fabric. Choose materials based on your location, weather, and requirements.

  1. Size

Are you looking to build a garden shed or a carport? The size of the shed depends on the available area, purpose, and budget.

The size of your shed also depends on local building codes. It will be a waste of time and money to have a shed builder in Townsville build a 10×14-square-metre shed if your zoning laws only permit an 8×8.

  1. Budget

Budget is another important factor to consider when building a shed. Your hired builder won’t be able to make your dream garage or carport come true if you’re low on funds.

This is why it’s important to work with a certified and highly recommended Townsville shed builder that can help you pick out a design that will fit your budget and most of all, suit your taste.

  1. Shed builder

If you have little to no construction skills, it’s best to leave the job to the experts to ensure that it is done right the first time. Professionals can give you peace of mind knowing that your home improvement project is in capable hands.

If you want to find Townsville shed builder that you can count on to do an excellent job, trust only Townsville Sheds and Garages. You can check out the quality of their work by logging on to

Wedding Photography – Let’s Go The Drone Way

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If you think that wedding photography means hiring a photographer and his team for clicking pictures on the day of your wedding, then hold your breath. It’s time you look at the recent trends, which include drone photography. Yes, you heard it right; recent reports suggest that many couples are opting for drone wedding photography in Sydney wide, wherein the photographers make use of drones to click pictures of the wedding rituals, family members and all else that needs to be covered in a wedding.

These days, couples are not only spending on themed weddings and their trousseau, but they are also exploring new avenues to make their wedding unique so that it can be remembered by all, for years. And not only the wedding, the couples are getting every ceremony being shot using drones. It just sounds too exciting to them. In case you also like the idea, the drone photography might be just the thing for you.

What does the photographer do?

In drone photography, the photographers shoot the wedding photos from above using a drone. They set up the venue in a way that the photographs can be clicked easily. They have a drone instructor on the ground to manage the drone so that it captures the shots the way the couple wants. Well, you will be surprised to see the results; they are just incredible.

However, some old-fashioned people may not like the idea of being photographed from above. They probably like it better when the photographer shoots personally.

It is not that easy

In case you are thinking that drone wedding photography Sydney photographers undertake is easy, well, it is not. It is not just about clicking photographs from above. Besides the equipment, you need to have a great chemistry between the drone and its conductor. Like any new idea, there will be some shortcomings. One of them could be that the drones just circle above and give you most snaps from the top-down angle. If you are looking at the elevation kind of shots, that’s not happening here. For some purists, wedding photography cannot always be from up above. You need close-ups and the capturing of emotions of people as it is captured by the camera.

But the Images Can be Highly Impressive

Wedding photography invariably includes the outdoor shoots in the backdrop of rocks or trees and so on. The drones take it to a level you might not have imagined. The significance of clicking the photographs using drones is that they can show the couple alone, in the middle of a nicely manicured lawn or a whole ring of trees all around and just the two of them in the middle and not a single soul around.  Doesn’t sound like wedding photography where you would expect a large crowd all over? Well, that’s the beauty of having the drones take the photographs.

So if you too are planning your wedding, just go for drone wedding photography. There is one minor catch though. Suddenly, the security agencies are getting a little concerned with allowing the drones all over. So for legitimate uses like drone wedding photography Sydney firms undertake, you will just need to take the permission, and you are good to go.

Types and Gains of Using Office Chairs

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A lot of workers today spend appreciable amount of their work-life sitting on a chair before a computer. It therefore makes good sense considering what effect that office chairs can have on one’s health and productivity. Ergonomic office seats are among the kinds that can have positive impact on your health and overall performance at work. Selecting a chair that is adjustable and well-padded for the office can be a smart idea for someone who spends a large amount of time at the desk. There are several office-chair selections that one can make, all of which are designed to meet one’s unique posture needs.

Types of Office Chairs

There are various types of ergonomic chairs which are available within the market. All of them come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Chairs with 1, 2, and 3 levers for instance can be configured in a variety of ways for instance. All of them are quite similar, except for how ability of tilting and shifting to accommodate users. A 1-lever chair for instance allows someone to either raise or lower the level of seat as required. The 2-lever chairs afford users the ability of adjusting the backrest-angle. Lastly, 3-lever chairs provide the option of tilting the chair itself to attain maximum comfort.

The Advantages of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ability of fine-tuning the position of a particular chair through several different levers offers various benefits to the person using ergonomic chairs. Some of these gains are more obvious than others. For example, an office seat that operates on 2 or 3 levers affords one the flexibility of adjusting the seat to experience the best kind of support attainable. These special chairs for offices could furthermore assist in preventing the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It happens because they allow users to position themselves comfortably when typing for extensive periods at the desk. Firm yet comfortable, the office seats suit the spine and posture of individuals in a unique way. They can even prevent the possibility of having back problems in future.

Many people, especially those used to seating in offices for long, already know what benefits come along with special office seats. When seeking for one however, it is important to factor in your workplace lifestyle and habits. You can start by field testing a couple of different models in person. You can then narrow your search by evaluating specific models that fall various price ranges, after having a rough idea of how various chairs work on you. The ultimate of a good and comfortable seat should eventually find justification in the benefits that one can expect reaping in terms of improved health and general productivity.

Physical complications that arise due to sitting in average-styled office chairs for extended hours have led manufacturers to produce different versions of ergonomic chairs. Such seats are made in a scientific way and take into account the long hours which one requires sitting on them. Their use is especially on the rise in corporate offices where employees have a tendency of spending the larger part of their day.

How to Choose a Good Melbourne Engagement Rings Jeweler

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Buying an engagement ring is not like buying anything else, even big expensive items like major appliances or cars. Engagement rings come with their own language. They are precious and special, even the way they are marketed and sold. These factors make it complicated to buy engagement rings. If you are not sure how to buy an engagement ring, start by finding a trusted jeweler. A good jeweler is a critical step to finding the right engagement ring. There are many Melbourne engagement rings jewelers. However, not all of them are competent jewelers. Some are simply there to make money, you need to be watchful of such. When it comes to engagement rings, you don’t leave the purchase to chance. You need to be double sure about the jeweler you engage. The following tips will help you choose a good Melbourne engagement rings jeweler.


You want someone with whom you can develop a lasting relationship. Find out how long they have been in business. Consider a jeweler who has been long in business since you can be sure of their reliability. An established jeweler is more likely to have great references. In addition, you’ll have the assurance that they will be around for regular ring maintenance. Also, find out the jewelers reputation from friends and relatives who have used their services in the past.

Communication skills

Inasmuch as you are relying on the jeweler’s advice, the focus is on the bride; it’s all about her desires, her needs and her style. The jeweler should be listening and not just pushing his own agenda. Avoid jewelers who focus on one thing such as price. This shows that they do not have your interests at heart. A competent jeweler will show you an array of different engagement rings but help you narrow down on your choice. You should not walk away from a jewelry shop feeling overwhelmed by the selection process.

A wide range of services

Good Melbourne engagement rings jewelers offer a range of different services to help you get the perfect engagement ring. There are a few services that you should expect from such jewelers. They may have an in-house gemologist. A gemologist is an expert in issues relating to precious and semi-precious stones. They will guide you in finding the right stone based on your budget and style. A good jewelry shop will also have a bench jeweler. They help to re size and repair your engagement ring.

Skills and knowledge

A competent jeweler should be very knowledgeable about engagement rings. They should know all the elements they are going to consider when making your ring, both durability-wise and aesthetically. Accurate sizing of the ring should be second nature to a professional jeweler. An exceptional jeweler has a superior sense of fashion and should know what looks good on you. In addition, they should be well versed with the 4C’s of diamond which basically determine the quality of an engagement ring. The first thing to tell you if a jeweler is professional is if they possess a loupe. A jeweler without a loupe is like a doctor without a stethoscope.

10 Tips to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding

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If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, the beach is one of the most sought after locations after a garden wedding. It is the perfect wedding destination for couples who consider themselves beach lovers and like to be close with nature. It is also a good opportunity for your guests to have a relaxed vibe at your wedding, which is different from traditional formal wedding celebrations. In particular, if you want to have the perfect backdrop as you exchange vows and celebrate your marital union, you should definitely consider Samui weddings. Thailand offers an endless array of breathtaking tropical locations to celebrate this important occasion in your life.

When planning your Samui weddings, or any type of beach wedding for that matter, you can use these tips from expert wedding planners:

  1. Skip the ball gown and long train. The idea of having a beach wedding is that you want to tone down the details, which includes your dress. A ball gown belongs in the ballroom. The same applies to the veil and the train for your dress.
  2. Opt for a wedding dress made with light fabric. But not too light or the wind will blow it away.
  3. Ditch the heels. It’s a beach wedding after all! The same goes for your guests – they can opt for a more casual footwear option.
  4. Location, location, location. Choose the best tropical setting for your wedding. It is all about the beauty of the beach that makes decorating a beach wedding reception and ceremony easier.
  5. Plan ahead. This is a golden rule to follow when wedding planning but more important in a beach wedding. You want to be able to exclusively book a resort so that no strangers will be around during the ceremony and you can have the place to yourself.
  6. Be flexible. You might have a specific beach or resort in mind but when things do not work out, always have a backup plan.
  7. Provide a roadmap for your guests. If you choose a secluded location, you need to make it easy for them to find the resort. Also, if you are holding a destination wedding, then you need to cover for your guests’ accommodation and flight costs.
  8. Use natural enhancements to your wedding reception and ceremony decorations. You want the natural beauty of the beach or tropical resort to be the center of attention. Therefore, keep your embellishments and decorations to a minimum.
  9. Keep your guests comfortable. This means that you should provide flip flops for those who want to keep their feet comfortable and their shoes free of sand. Also, do not forget to give them insect repellent.
  10. Work with those who are experienced with beach weddings. Beach weddings might seem straightforward, but there are a lot of challenges involved only experts can anticipate. Therefore, you have to leverage their knowledge to plan your perfect beach wedding.

Set on having Samui weddings but not sure where is the right location for you? Don’t fret as Confetti Weddings and Events in Thailand will handle the rest for you. From top tropical locations to stunning floral arrangements, you can ensure that planning your big day is handled by the right folks!

Canon Plotter Repair and Service – Get the Best Service Centre

Business Services

Canon is an internationally reputed imaging products company, and their products are sold and serviced across the globe. Sydney has its fair share of Canon office equipment such as the normal printers and copiers and also the large format printers like plotters. To avail Canon plotter service in Sydney or the suburbs, look for an experienced agency so that your plotter remains fully functional all the time.

Most Large Format Printers Require On-site Service

Each printer manufacturer has its own policies on repairing and servicing of their products available to their end users. Some may have their own service centres; usually one or two in a big city and then the authorized dealers or independent service only agencies could also be appointed. For the smaller sized printers, the customer is expected to carry the machine to the service centre. However, for large format or large sized machines, like the photocopiers and plotters, this is not practically feasible. Hence, Canon service is made available onsite by their service centres and there are trained engineers who will respond to your complaint and try and attend to the repair within a day.

Canon Plotters Are Specialty Machines

The companies using Canon plotters are usually the high end designers, who make posters and undertake other multi colour printing jobs and so on. They would insist on prompt Canon plotter repair service so that their work does not suffer. These machines are not such that you can buy a few and keep one or two spare at your end. Many of the users might be dependent on the machines to provide their printing services to their clients and any loss of time due to the plotter not being functional can have serious implications on their business.

A Lot of Responsibilities on the Service Centre

The Canon plotter service agency has a huge responsibility towards the Canon customers. For one, they have to have fully trained service engineers who are thoroughly familiar with the plotters, including the latest in the range. They may even have to go beyond their normal call of duty and help the customer install the machine, train their people on how to use the machine and perhaps answer some FAQs as well on the spot. This ensures that the customer understands some normal situations and tackles them instead of calling in the engineer. But when there is a genuine complaint, the Canon plotter repair service centre ensures that a service engineer is deputed to the customer’s place the same day. To facilitate this, they may have engineers positioned in different parts of the city to cut short the time to reach the client.

Besides, the Canon plotter service agency has to stock all the critical spares and consumables and even in extraordinary cases, where a part is not available, they should be able to source it in the fastest possible time and restore the customer’s machine promptly. Companies owning Canon plotters and wide format imaging machines would be better off entering into an annual maintenance contract, AMC, with the service provider, as it makes things much easy going ahead, and it only helps their business to run smoothly. For more details, just visit

The beautiful fiction of Disneyland

The beautiful fiction of Disneyland

Amusement Parks

I think I’ve been to Disneyland 20 times since November. I live in Orange County, about 15 minutes from the park, and most days I wait till school is out so I can take my daughters with me. But I also go alone.

I’m 36.

As kids growing up in San Diego, my sisters and I went with our parents to Disneyland once a year, usually for our birthdays or some special occasion. But when I moved home from college I bought an annual pass, which I’ve renewed in most subsequent years. When I have an afternoon off, I drive over and park in the adjacent mall. I walk to the park’s turnstiles in a sort of fugue. Sometimes I ride the rides but mostly I just walk around because, inside the park — in that battery of smells and noise and light — I am calmed. And, through the cotton-candy haze, I have formed a theory to answer for my obsession — one that I think extrapolates to a broader American problem.

I know what you’re thinking. This woman is desperate to justify an infantile fixation with Disneyland. And that’s also true. But hear me out.

This is how it is: I step onto the cobblestone sidewalk, and a false town unfurls ahead. Somewhere nearby a train whistle blows. The machinery of the steam engine begins to catch and clack and catch. A pole rises in the middle of the Main Street roundabout; at the top an American flag rolls and snaps. Slowly, I move into the throng. I have not come here for rides at all; I have come because I love a well-told story.

Main Street, Disneyland is the area least changed in the park. It’s supposed to replicate the central avenue of Marceline, Missouri, where Walt Disney grew up. He aimed to evoke the year 1910, the era of his grandparents, which he referred to as simpler and safer. Though, somewhere in our consciousness, we know that nothing is ever truly simple, nothing truly safe, at least not in the immaculate, cartoon sense of Main Street, guests happily fold into the farce. The fabrication of a better, bygone time is so complete that we can almost taste the memory, even those of us who were (for example) born the year Reagan was elected, those of us who were not there. We have absorbed stories about America’s place on the right side of history.

The memory of our national goodness is as close as the smell of burnt sugar and popcorn butter and the sweat of Clydesdales. The memory is as tidy as flower planters filled with purple larkspur, blueish lobelia; girlish impatiens; petunias that point up like tiny gramophones; hearty pink mums and dainty sweet alyssum — all sown with geometric precision. There are 150 full-time gardeners who tend the Disney beds at night, and in the heat of the day, when those workers have disappeared, the humus rising off the new-churned soil hints at authentic earth. The buildings lining Main Street are painted the pastels of saltwater taffy. Mansard roofs sit atop their facades like sturdy hats. Turned finials poke daintily toward the sky and striped awnings sweep out from eaves like ladies’ skirts; their scalloped edges ruffle prettily when a breeze blows. And in the air everywhere there is a song, a never-ending song. A lilting tune. Something jaunty from Back Then.

After the 2016 election I took to the internet like a fiend, looking for answers. The liberal web had devolved into a great howl. Never a user of the platform before, I refreshed Twitter like I had a tic. I read the news and any blog I could find, trying to dismantle the election riddle, to pop my own bubble. Slowly, progressives tuned to mounting evidence that the election result was a product of Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia, but we were also awakened to an equally (if not more) disconcerting reality. Trump voters weren’t just a couple dudes in rumpled KKK robes who’d been living in caves since the alleged end of Jim Crow. They were people we knew, who had found a way to look past hate speech and buffoonery because they’d been sold a promise: that, though we had gone to bed in black and white, we would wake up in the Technicolor version of our Great American past. The trouble with U.S. history as invoked by President Trump’s marketers is that, like all beguiling stories, it’s an elaborate fiction that presents us as the people we think we are, but whom we have never been.

Nostalgia is nowhere more tangibly realized than at Disneyland. There is something more than escapism at play. People who go to Disney are looking for something they think they’ve lost. When they arrive, they find the facsimile of a kind of home, even though there is something uncanny about the place, something perhaps sickly sweet. The illusion is effective because, through clever engineering and attention to detail, it sidles just close enough to reality. That’s what advertising does, and that’s what Trump did so effectively. He told Americans that if they were unhappy it was because the American people had been set adrift, and his plan was to restore us to that once-great place.

When he conceived Disneyland, Walt Disney sought to manifest a place of simultaneous forgetting and remembering. At the moment, the park is comprised of 85 acres, though that area will expand as construction finishes on Star Wars Land. Disneyland is big enough to get lost in, grand enough to be immersive. There is no hint of the external world; no freeway noise, no horns, no sirens of any kind. A person can walk and walk for hours without stopping, though they will ultimately be walking in circles of various size. My friend who wears a pedometer to the park says if she spends the day there, she’ll have walked about five miles.

There are no street corners in the park. Where sidewalks should meet at right angles, instead they curve. The detail was executed to soften the feel of the park, inducing ease and comfort by literally eliminating hard edges. And removing corners is only the beginning of various subtle effects Disney perpetrates. The scope of the place is designed to make people feel significant. Buildings on Main Street are a two-thirds scale rendition of actual buildings, which was supposedly an effort by the park’s designers to make children feel larger. They wanted kids to enjoy a stature here that they knew nowhere else. But the effect also means that adults in this demi-city are slightly oversized.

It is in this peculiar, pretend place that I think I can meet the person who voted for Trump. I meet them in the simplistic dream of safety and calm. There is no nuance, no complexity at Disneyland; there is only a beautiful fiction. America — or a pretty vision of it — has been so carefully constructed in this place that, for the length of a visit, it’s possible to imagine our country is a fixed idea.

This is not an attempt to infantilize Trump voters. I know there are many of them who are kinder and smarter than I. And like I said, I am as susceptible to a good story as anyone. But I know something about the dance of Disneyland, I have made something like an ethnography of it, and I think it’s analogous to the tricks of the Trump campaign. He made a platform of simplistic reasoning, designed for those exhausted by the rigors of political correctness and critical thought. The candidate did not have to be eloquent; he was, in fact, strategically inarticulate. Linguists have described his style — one riddled with non-sequiturs and fragments — as effectively conveying a feeling rather than a specific message. With varying degrees of coherence, he reduced American unhappiness to a battle of us versus them, a stance both internally and internationally isolationist, with terror as a backdrop. It’s probably pertinent to mention here that Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, is on the president’s strategic and policy advisory committee. For once, at least as it concerns storytelling, Trump actually tapped the Best People.

I go to Disneyland to still my anxious heart, to reduce the post-election clatter of my mind. But I know that even the simplest place — the so-called Happiest Place — cannot really claim that distinction. 1955 wasn’t simple and safe enough for Walt Disney; he tried to reconstruct 1910. Now millions of Americans are trying to get back to 1955 or any year when they think they were not afraid. Disneyland cannot escape complexity because its very genius is in attention to detail and the close reproduction of reality. And reality is inevitably complex.

Consider the original ABC broadcast of Disneyland’s opening day.

Though it’s in black and white, you can see that July 17, 1955 was a meltingly hot day. A series of glistening TV anchors, including Art Linklater and then-actor Ronald Reagan, lead a tour of the new park, section by section. On the way they talk to visiting families and celebrities. It is Reagan who holds the anchor’s mic to interview Fess Parker, a.k.a. Davey Crockett, when he rides into Frontierland on a sweaty horse. Parker apologizes for his tardiness, on account of having been waylaid by a band of “redskins.” Luckily, he adds, tapping his rifle, “Old Betsy” saved the day. Reagan chuckles for the camera. Just then a cast of dancing cowboys breaks into a tune called “My One and Only Betsy,” in apparent ode to the firearm. In a following segment, Aunt Jemima (at this point portrayed by the actress Aylene Lewis) is seen dancing a vigorous Charleston alongside other revelers in what would eventually become New Orleans Square.

The tropes modify, politics change, the world heaves and shudders, and Disney always adapts. The guns aren’t loaded anymore, but there’s still a shooting gallery in Frontierland.

You can sidestep the truth if you successfully approximate it. Trump beat us, and he will continue to beat us, because he staffed his ranks with adept storytellers and mythmakers. America did not want the truth; it is too rife with complexity and nuance and struggle. As our moral arc maybe (and this is really a maybe) had started to bend toward justice, partially as issues of racism and misogyny and poverty and privilege came to the fore, the deep red, beating heart of the country sped up. They didn’t want to feel guilty and afraid. America wanted a hot milk and a lullaby. The answer would seem to be that we must fight story with story. But Trump’s anodyne message is hard to combat. It is, unfortunately, as old as it is inaccurate.

In June my family and I are moving back to San Diego. We won’t be at Disneyland’s doorstep anymore. The change will suit my dog Wyatt just fine; nightly the park’s fireworks rumble like a distant shelling, and he is very sensitive to noise. I think this year I will not renew my pass. Though I will never stop wanting to be there, inside the easy story, I think the time for platitudes, the time for calm, is long past. And, though the buildings have real doors, they are always shut, and the curtains are always drawn; no one really lives on Main Street.

Magic Kingdom – Adventureland

Magic Kingdom – Adventureland

Adventureland, Featured

Adventureland is hard to describe. It’s part jungle, part tropical island and there’s a desert oasis thrown in as well.

From Main Street, you enter Adventureland by crossing a wooden planked bridge. One thing you notice about this section, the walkways where you first enter tend to be narrow and congested. It’s easy to overlook the authentic landscaping as you’re kept busy avoiding strollers and other guests. You’ll probably walk right by the Swiss Family Treehouse. (That’s not necessarily a bad thing.)

Adventureland does have some of the better shops. If you have a teen, this is where you’ll find popular clothing brands. If you need a tropical shirt (and who doesn’t?) you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of the open air shops. If you need a Johnny Depp fix, anything and everything that’s Pirates of the Caribbean themed is sold here.
Speaking of Jack Sparrow, there’s a fun Pirate Tutorial that takes place throughout the day. Other characters often found in Adventureland are Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Rafiki, Timon, Tinker Bell and Goofy. (Check the day’s schedule.) If watching pirates isn’t enough for you, you can become a pirate yourself at The Pirates League. Make an appointment and you can experience a pirate makeover including makeup, a costume and even your own pirate name!

A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas is an interactive game in which guests will use pirate maps and “magic talismans” as they compete to become members of Captain Jack’s pirate crew. There are five different 20-minute missions to complete, such as searching for Treasures of the Seven Seas and fighting off pirate enemies. If they fail, they will be left to face the enemies alone without their crew. When guests complete each pirate raid, they can get a Collector Card reward at Pirate Headquarters. An additional card will be given when all five raids are completed.

Arguably one of the best features at Adventureland is the Aloha Isle. This is one of the only spots in all of Walt Disney World where you can purchase the very popular Dole Whip soft serve pineapple flavored ice cream (the other is at the Pineapple Lanai located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort). Be warned, this stuff is addictive.
Other refreshing fruit-flavored treats are on the menu at the Sunshine Tree Terrace.

As you can see, Adventureland is sort of a mishmash of themes. You can climb a tree, fly over the desert, explore the jungle, sail on the high seas and visit a tropical island where birds talk and sing. No matter which adventure you choose, it’s a fun area to visit.

How to Save on Your Trip to a Theme Park

How to Save on Your Trip to a Theme Park

Featured, Theme Parks

Theme parks can be great fun for all, but tickets, parking, food and incidentals can rapidly mount up to burn a hole in your pocket. Here is a list of tips to help you save a few bucks on that summer theme-park excursion, be it one of the popular Disney parks or your local favorite.

Temper Your Expectations

Not to burst your bubble, but saving significant money on major theme parks is a tall order: If you think you’re going to pull one over on Walt Disney, think again. According to Lance Hart of the theme-park website Screamscape, “Most parks, especially the big ones in Orlando and California, have it down to a science these days to make it nearly impossible to shave corners and save money.” Theme-park visitors, especially those who visit once a year or less, are going to have a difficult time saving more than a few dollars on tickets.

Go More Than Once

It seems counterintuitive, but going to a park — any park — more than once immediately slashes the price-per-day by a significant amount. Sometimes it’s almost comical: Want to go to Busch Gardens once? It’s $89.99. Want to go an unlimited number of times for the rest of the year? It’s $99.99.

A one-day Park Hopper ticket to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom can cost $174. If you buy a 10-day ticket, however, the per-day cost drops to about $51. Keep in mind that for these multiday tickets, there is a limited amount of time to use them. In this case, you must use all 10 days within a 14-day period.

Don’t Scour for Online Coupons

Searches for “Disneyland coupons” on the Internet may yield a lot of results, but they’re almost guaranteed to end in disappointment. It isn’t worth your time. Targeting the smaller parks yields more promising results: Groupon, for example, offers discounted tickets to the Raging Waters park in Los Angeles. Visitors can pay $34.99 through the coupon site, which appears to be a decent savings on the $45.99 gate price; upon closer inspection, though, it isn’t exactly a steal. On the Raging Waters website, visitors can scoop up tickets for as low as $32.99 on select days (plus a $3 service charge), making the Groupon deal significantly less of a, well, deal.

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Be judicious about where you buy tickets. Generally, it’s best to buy directly from the park. I would avoid eBay and Craigslist, as the potential for buying fake tickets is too great. Some third-party sites, like Park Savers, offer slight discounts; a three-day Disneyland Park Hopper ticket will run $307 after fees, which saves $8.

Purchase Tickets Ahead of Time

You can buy theme-park tickets at the gate, but that doesn’t mean you should. Parks always want to know when you’re coming (it helps them determine their discount and blackout days, for example), and they love to have your money upfront. In return, many parks (with the notable exception of Disney) offer significant discounts for buying online.

Six Flags Over Texas, for example, offers $20 off the gate price of $74.99 with a three-day advance online purchase. Some parks, like Kings Dominion, don’t require advance purchase to get a discount; the park offers $22 off the gate price ($67) just for buying online, even on same-day purchases.

Be Flexible About Dates

Do you absolutely have to visit Disneyland on Christmas Day? You’re going to pay for it. That is the peak period, when you’ll pay $124 a ticket. If you’re willing to go midweek in September, however, you can expect to pay less: a mere $97.

A ticket to Universal Studios Orlando will also run you $124 during peak season — the Fourth of July, for example. On a less busy day, like Halloween, you’ll pay $110.


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